Where to watch the broadcast of the Starliner launch

On the night of May 6-7, the first manned launch of the new NASA spacecraft CST-100 Starliner will take place. Everyone understands that this is an event that will be interesting to a much larger number of people than those who will come to watch it at Cape Canaveral. Therefore, a broadcast will be organized for the rest.

Starliner spacecraft. Source: www.ixbt.com

When and how to watch the broadcast of the Starliner launch

Over the past few weeks, all space flight enthusiasts have been looking forward to the launch of the new CST-100 Starliner spacecraft into orbit. This flight is called the beginning of a new American manned program. After all, despite the fact that Boeing is the developer of it, it will belong to NASA.

The launch will take place on the evening of May 6 from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome. According to North American time, it will be half past ten in the evening. A large number of space launch enthusiasts will watch the launch directly from Florida, but most people interested in this will be deprived of this opportunity. 

That is why a considerable number of media and independent enthusiasts will organize the broadcast of this event. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose a convenient option. We also advise you to watch the launch of the Starliner on the official NASA channel at the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb3qcR2tUQs

What to expect from the launch

Boeing has been developing the Starliner for 14 years. You can read more about how this happened and how this spacecraft is unique in this article. Also, it can be noted that with the start of launches of this spacecraft, NASA will be able to launch 7 astronauts into space at once at a time.

The Starliner has already flown into space twice in unmanned mode. During one of the missions, it even docked with the International Space Station. A test trip during which two astronauts will be on board: Barry Wilmore and Sunita Williams are also planning a meeting with it.

Having launched on the Atlas 5 rocket, the astronauts will get into orbit, where they will stay during May 7, performing maneuvers that will take them to the ISS. The docking will take place on May 8 in the evening. In general, the astronauts will spend two weeks in space, after which they will return to Earth.

According to www.nasa.gov

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