Russia is attempting to completely destroy the export of Ukrainian grain

US intelligence has published satellite images showing the destruction of the grain terminal near Mykolaiv. In addition, it is reported about the mining of the water area near Odessa, Ochakov and the mouth of the Dnipro.

Nika-Tera terminal before the Russian aggression

Destruction of terminals on satellite images

US officials have released satellite images showing the consequences of a Russian missile strike on a grain terminal near Mykolaiv. It is the second largest in Ukraine and one of the important links in the export of Ukrainian grain. It is also reported that on Wednesday, as a result of the attack, containers with sunflower oil located in this city were destroyed.

The photos show that the bombing completely destroyed three granaries of the Nika-Tera terminal. In addition, the conveyor system for loading grain into them is damaged. How severe the consequences of this strike will be for Ukraine is unknown.

Port mining and export of Ukrainian grain

Also, US intelligence reports that the Russian Black Sea Fleet has received an order to completely block the transit of goods through the Black Sea. To this purpose, they carried out mining of the water area near the ports of Odesa and Ochakov, as well as the mouth of the Dnipro.

Photos showing how Russia is trying to destroy the export of Ukrainian grain. Source: US Military

At the same time, the Russians themselves refute all the accusations. According to the already traditional scheme, they claim that Ukraine mines its ports. Although all experts consider such statements meaningless, because 95 percent of grain exports from Ukraine go through these ports.

Such actions of Russia, in fact, are a war against Ukraine in the field of global food traffic. Earlier, satellite images repeatedly showed ships on which Russia exported grain stolen in Ukraine to other countries.

Global Food Crisis

All of the above is part of the global food crisis that has been going on in the world since the beginning of a large-scale invasion. Russia and Ukraine are the most important grain suppliers in the world. And Ukraine, moreover, is the world’s main producer of sunflower oil. Hundreds of millions of people in the poorest countries suffer from the lack of Ukrainian products.

European countries are still discussing alternative overland routes for the supply of Ukrainian grain and cannot agree on attempts to break the blockade. For example, the UK recently offered Turkey technical advice on escorting grain convoys to Odesa. But it received a response from Ankara that they could not agree with Russia on the start of such routes.

All this is happening against the background of the ongoing struggle for Snake Island. It is located near the main sea route from Odesa to Istanbul, which is clearly visible on satellite data. It is not surprising that the Russians are trying to equip a fortified point on it. And the cruiser “Moskva” was hit by missiles in the same area.

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