Satellite sees Russians trying to rebuild bridge

The Russians are trying to restore the bridge in the part of the Kherson region occupied by them. Satellite images from Planet Labs show that they flooded several wagons, trying to create a temporary crossing.

The bridge is pictured on September 16. Source:

Satellite captured the bridge

On September 19, the journalists of the investigation project “Schemes” published photos taken by the Planet Labs satellite, which depict a bridge destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the Kakhovska power plant. They show that the occupiers are trying to restore it.

The pictures are dated September 16 and 18. Both show that some spans of the bridge are completely destroyed, but there is a significant difference between them. In the first pictures, only debris is present at the site of the bridge. And two days later, an embankment was visible in the same place.

The Russians are trying to build a ferry. Source:

Satellites monitor the war in Ukraine

The General Staff of Ukraine confirmed that the occupiers flooded several railway cars in this place, trying to create a crossing from them. And then they created an embankment dam in their place. At the same time, the material from which it is built is not reported.

The Planet Labs satellite showed several small crossings to the other side of the Kakhovska HPP (Hydroelectric power plant). In the pictures from September 2, they are not yet visible. Apparently, the Russians are trying to overhaul the destroyed span of the bridge, but at the same time they do not want to stop the crossing of their troops on this site.

Earlier, satellites of various companies have already shown the Snake Island left by the Russians after the Ukrainian strikes. They also show the results of Russian strikes on Ukrainian grain terminals. And NASA has an interactive map on which you can see fires resulting from shelling.

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