Satellite sees “dragon’s teeth” on the “Khrenin’s line”

Satellite images from Planet Labs show defensive structures in Belarus on the border with Ukraine. Especially noteworthy are the long rows of anti-tank barrages, known as “dragon’s teeth”. All together, this is called the “Khrenin’s line”.

“Dragon’s Teeth” in Belarus. Source:

“Dragon’s Teeth” near Gomel

The satellites of Planet Labs saw fresh defensive structures in Belarus. This is reported by the Belarusian service of “Radio Svoboda” (Radio Liberty). They are located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and 10 km from Gomel near the village Kalinino. 

In addition to the usual trenches in such cases, connecting earthen structures to accommodate equipment and personnel, long rows of concrete pyramids, which are known as “Dragon’s teeth”, attract attention.

By their function, they are anti-tank barriers that should delay tracked vehicles that are trying to go straight. However, their lines near Gomel, as can be clearly seen on satellite images, stretched for two kilometers. It seems that those who built them are afraid of a massive tank attack.

Defensive structures on the satellite image. Source:

“Khrenin’s line”

In general, the “Dragon’s teeth” have already been seen in Belarus. A few weeks ago, their photos appeared in the media, taken in these places. Then they were named the “Khrenin’s Line” in honor of the Minister of Defense of Belarus.

Viktor Khrenin examined them on the eve of a meeting on military security and defense of Belarus, at which their condition was then discussed. Then it was reported that these “Dragon’s teeth” were part of a fortified area and their main purpose was to promote the training of soldiers.

Trenches for people and equipment. Source:

However, earlier defensive structures very similar to the “Khrenin’s line” were found in the Russian-occupied part of the Zaporizhia region. The invaders started building them last autumn. And they are precisely designed to repel the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Therefore, it is possible that in Belarus they fear that the counteroffensive may be so successful that it will reach Minsk.

According to

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