Earth is trying to say something: “Message to humanity” be seen in the clouds

People like to look at clouds and notice funny figures in them. Last Friday, a meteorological satellite of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was observing the lower layers of the atmosphere and noticed a giant letter G in a cloud formation off the coast of Chile. The NOAA Satellites Twitter account shared a seven-hour time-lapse video of the letter G taking shape as seen by the GOES-East satellite.

The NOAA GOES-East satellite spotted a giant letter G in the clouds off the coast of Chile. Photo: NOAA

Then NOAA zoomed in on the resulting image and found a circular formation next to the letter G, suggesting that the clouds formed the word Go.

What does it mean? Is our planet trying to tell us something? Of course, the pattern turned out to be just a funny coincidence, but we can let imagination take over. We like to think that this is some kind of message from Earth to humanity, or even a call to action, if you look at the word Go. In any case, if you need a sign, then consider that even the Earth has already informed you of it.

GOES-East Satellite

GOES-East is an important satellite for monitoring weather, solar activity and climatic conditions. Moreover, this is not the first device in the NOAA space flotilla. Before it there were GOES-18, GOES-17, GOES-16. NOAA said the GOES series of satellites changed the world of environmental monitoring forever and made a huge contribution to climatology. 

Recall that earlier the mysterious entrance to the cave on Mars excited the public.

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