Satellite images show the destroyed air defense complex in Crimea

A satellite image taken on the morning of September 14 shows the newly destroyed Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system. Satellite photos of this position before the destruction were published by independent OSINT investigators. The launcher was destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as a result of a special operation.

Destroyed S-400 in the Crimea. Source: Planet Labs

Satellite photos of destroyed equipment

A satellite of Planet Labs captured a destroyed Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system near Yevpatoriya in Crimea. The image dated September 14 shows its position, which clearly indicates that only a burnt spot remained from one of the vehicles deployed in the positions. In a more complete photo, columns of smoke are visible, which rise above some more points.

Independent Osinttechnical investigators have proved that these are exactly the S-400s which photos appeared on the morning of September 14. First, they pinpointed the exact location from where the photos of “bavovna” (the place of the explosion) were taken and precisely established that it was Yevpatoria.

Another air defense system position. Source: Planet Labs

And then they found a satellite image from two weeks ago that fully showed this air defense position and showed that at the moment when they were destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, all the vehicles were in their places. 

Another satellite image obtained by Planet Labs on August 28 shows the situation a little wider. It shows that there is another air defense system position to the west of the stricken one. So, there will be enough goals for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the future.

Why is the destruction of the S-400 so important

The S-400 Triumph is one of the newest Russian air defense systems, created on the basis of the Soviet S-300. Russia is very proud of it. It is a complex of radars and launchers on an automobile chassis.

S-400 position. Source: Planet Labs

The fact that these complexes are deployed in occupied Crimea has been known for a long time. Last year, their positions were “spotted” by a Russian tourist who took a picture next to them. However, until now, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have not had the opportunity to hit them.

However, this time they managed to carry out a really successful operation. First, they disabled the radars with the help of a massive drone attack, and then, reportedly, they used a Neptune cruise missile to destroy the complex.

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