China is building a giant telescope to observe the Sun

China is building a giant Daocheng solar radio telescope. It will contain 313 separate dish antennas and will be designed to monitor emissions in the corona of our luminary.

China’s Giant Telescope

China is building the world’s largest array of radio telescopes. It will be designed to study the Sun and, in particular, coronal ejections that can cause powerful magnetic storms on Earth. It will consist of 313 separate antennas, each with a diameter of 6 m. 

A giant telescope is being built on a plateau in Sichuan Province. The antennas will be arranged in a circle with a diameter of 3.14 km. Photos from the construction site of the telescope in June were published by the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post.

It is reported that the construction of the telescope will be completed by the end of this year. It is planned that it will become part of a grandiose project of ground observation stations called the Chinese Meridian.

Coronal ejections

The Daocheng solar radio telescope will operate in the radio range. This, together with its gigantic size, will allow us to observe the movement of plasma in the Sun’s corona with high accuracy. When during strong outbursts, a large amount of it ends up in outer space, this is called a coronal ejection.

The coronal ejection moves slower than a normal solar flare and is dangerous only in the case of direct contact with the Earth’s magnetosphere. But if this does happen, then the magnetic storm becomes simply catastrophic.

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