Calculations show the possibility of quantum communication at interstellar distances

Scientists have proved that quantum communications at interstellar distances are possible. The matter scattered in space does not lead to decoherence of the signal. Consequently, extraterrestrial civilizations can communicate with us through channels that cannot be intercepted.

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Quantum communications in interstellar space

A group of physicists from Edinburgh recently proved the possibility of quantum communications at interstellar distances. This type of communication is based on the ability to transmit information through the quantum states of particles. Due to this, a relatively small number of photons can store a lot of information.

In addition, due to the phenomenon of quantum uncertainty, it is impossible to intercept a quantum message in such a way that no one will find out. Therefore, for many years, quantum communication has been considered one of the most promising areas of encryption on Earth.

But there is a huge problem with quantum encryption. It works only in the case of coherent light, when all particles oscillate in the same way. And any obstacles violate this consistency, causing a phenomenon known as decoherence. And this is what greatly complicates its use on Earth.

Decoherence in interstellar space

Until now, it remained unknown whether the decoherence of a quantum signal occurs in interstellar space. It is transparent enough for ordinary signals to pass through it. But whether there are too many particles in it for coherent light has remained unknown until now.

The researchers solved this problem by calculations. They calculated what the decoherence of the signal would be at distances comparable to the diameter of the Milky Way. At the same time, they determined the decoherence of not only gas and dust, but also celestial bodies.

It turned out that it is insufficient not only for decoherence of the signal in the visible range, but also in the more sensitive microwave. From this, the researchers conclude that alien civilizations can use quantum communications to communicate with us.

However, a completely different conclusion can be drawn from this study. Quantum communications are designed to be heard only by the right person. Therefore, the absence of signals from extraterrestrial civilizations may mean that they simply do not want us to know about them.

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