A powerful flare occurred on the Sun in the direction of the Earth

On Thursday, October 28, a large flare occurred on the Sun. According to a warning from the US Space Weather Forecasting Group, our star produced an X1-class flare — this is the most powerful coronal mass ejection in the new cycle of activity, which occurred at 03:17 p.m. GMT. 

The coronal mass ejection as a result of the AR2887 flare may cause a “glancing blow” to the Earth on Saturday, October 30, SpaceWeather reports. The group warned that an eruption of Class X1 solar particles could cause radio communications to be cut off over a vast area for high-frequency signals for about an hour.

“The coverage area will make up most of the areas of the sunlit side of the Earth,” a group of space climatologists reports.

The most powerful X-class flares create danger mainly when they are aimed directly at the Earth. During such eruptions, charged particles are ejected into space at a speed of 1.6 million km/h. They reach our planet in a few days.

The flare originated from a sunspot under the designation AR2887, which is currently located in the center of the Sun and facing the Earth. This spot caused two moderate Class M flashes a day earlier. 

Such events are connected with the fact that our luminary is in the initial stages of a new cycle of its activity, each of which lasts 11 years. The current cycle, which received the number 25, began in December 2019.

According to Space

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