Yutu-2 comes out of hibernation and meets the year of the rabbit

The Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 remains fully functional after four years of mission. Recently, it “woke up” and became a star in connection with the onset of the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese calendar. It is to this animal that its name refers.

Panorama of the Moon, transmitted by Yutu-2. Source: www.space.com

Yutu-2 woke up

The Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 is still functioning after four years of mission. In January 2019, it landed with the  Chang’e 4 spacecraft. And on January 15 of this year, it came out of hibernation and began its 51st lunar day. This is evidenced by the records on the website of the Chinese lunar mission.

Over the past year, Yutu 2 has had few updates, because it is forced to conserve its resources. However, this time it is remembered again, because its name means “Jade Rabbit”, and the Celestial Empire is just celebrating the new year dedicated to this animal.

In the past years, the lunar rover became known thanks to numerous studies conducted with its help. The discovery of a mysterious “hut” became a sensation, for which a completely rational and simple explanation was later found.

Achievements of Chinese rovers

During the four years of its lunar mission, Yutu-2, which mass is 140 kg, overcame 1,455 meters of the lunar surface. Now it is located 283 m from the Chang’e 4 lander. This might not seem like such a great achievement, but the purpose of launching the rover was not a race at all, but the study of the Von Kármán crater in which the device landed.

True, the victorious stories about Yute-2 hide the silence of another Chinese mission. So far, nothing is known about the Zhurong rover. In May 2022, it entered sleep mode. It was supposed to come out in December. But so far, the Chinese have not reported anything on this matter.

According to www.space.com

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