Chinese New Year was celebrated at the Tiangong Space Station

The crew of Chinese astronauts (Taikonauts) decorated the Tiangong Space Station in red to celebrate their new year. The Shenzhou 15 crew took out the happy red signs and hung red banners inside the space outpost. This is such a tradition of meeting the Chinese New Year, which took place on January 22. It is also called the Year of the Rabbit.

The crew of Shenzhou 15 holds red posters with congratulations on the holiday. Photo: CNSA

The Taikonauts arrived at the newly built space station on November 29 on the Long March 2F rocket. They replaced the Shenzhou 14 crew in orbit. It was a historic moment when China was able to keep six astronauts in orbit at once for the first time.

The Shenzhou 15 mission is designed for six months, during which it is planned to conduct three or four spacewalks and perform more than 100 experiments. To do this, astronauts from China have three new space modules containing 24 scientific laboratories at their disposal. The tasks of the spacewalk are not disclosed. It is only known that two taikonauts will go into space at the same time, which will work in different places of the station.

Forbidden “Tiangong”

China carries out its space program independently of the International Space Station Consortium, mainly due to the fact that NASA cannot cooperate with China on a bilateral basis due to legislation passed by Congress in 2011. At the same time, the Director General of the European Space Agency, Josef Aschbacher, said that ESA did not intend to deliver European astronauts to the Tiangong station.

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