The most expensive observatory celebrates the first anniversary of its operation

Exactly a year ago, the James Webb Space Telescope began space exploration. It has already told us a lot about the Universe, but its mission is still at the beginning of its journey. NASA has published a fresh picture and is preparing a festive broadcast.

Photo of the Carina Nebula obtained by James Webb. Source: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

Anniversary of the operation of James Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope began its mission on July 12, 2022, so exactly a year ago. And today NASA is celebrating this very first anniversary in the history of this unique scientific instrument. During this time, it managed to make a lot of important scientific discoveries.

The development of the telescope began in the 1990s, but then its design was repeatedly improved. Then there were several delayed launches and even after it was at the Lagrange point, it took engineers several months to set it up.

However, immediately after James Webb sent the first full-color photo and spectroscopic data, news from it came almost every week. It was mainly used to observe galaxies at the very edge of the Universe and the atmosphere of exoplanets, although it was repeatedly connected to other issues.

NASA celebrates anniversary

NASA, which not only built the telescope, but is also responsible for its operation, is celebrating this anniversary. First, the agency published an image of one of the first galaxies in 3D. Secondly, they dedicated a whole show on their channel, in which they talked about what scientists were able to learn this year.

Scientists’ interest in the telescope is not fading. Scientists have to wait months for their turn to work with the telescope for at least a few hours. One of the most important goals facing James Webb is still ahead. We are talking about the search for life on exoplanets by spectrometry of their atmospheres.

The telescope has already determined what the inner planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system have. However, there are enough other interesting celestial bodies in space on which it is quite possible to find extraterrestrial life.

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