Scientists find seven candidates for Dyson Spheres

Humanity does not give up trying to find evidence of the existence of other civilizations in the universe. But recent observations give hope that extraterrestrial life is much closer – within the Milky Way. Some scientists believe that we may have already discovered technosignatures from Dyson Spheres, but these indicators are hidden among a huge amount of astronomical data.

Illustration of Dyson Sphere. Image: Gencraft AI

Dyson Sphere is a concept of an engineering project that could only be implemented by extremely advanced civilizations. These spheres give us the opportunity to use all the energy of our star by building special megastructures around it. To find Dyson Spheres, or rather their technosignatures, the “Project Hephaistos” was created. It is made up of a team of researchers from Sweden, India, the UK and the USA. They published their results in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

In the study, the authors selected several Dyson Sphere candidates, which were obtained from photometric data from Gaia DR3, 2MASS and WISE. Processing such voluminous data requires complex methods, including a special data pipeline for combining and analyzing information. One of the key search criteria is the detection of excessive infrared radiation, which may indicate the presence of partially completed Dyson Spheres. However, it is important to distinguish them from natural objects that can also emit infrared radiation.

A hypothetical Dyson area. Screenshot of the Dyson Sphere Program game

After complex filtering of millions of objects, the team identified seven potential Dyson Spheres. These candidates need further analysis to determine their nature. For this purpose, optical spectroscopy is planned, which will help reveal more details about these objects and their origin.

At the same time, the researchers acknowledge that their candidates may have other explanations, such as debris disks or protoplanetary disks of young stars. Further research will show whether it is possible to find traces of another civilization among the star systems, but for now it remains an open question.

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