The best view from the bathroom: Space Perspective will offer space tourists service at the highest level

The Space Perspective company has surprised the world with its latest innovation in the field of stratospheric tourism. Namely, a perfectly designed bathroom called Space Spa, which will become not just an element but one of the best luxury additions to the Spaceship Neptune stratospheric capsule.

Spaceship Neptune. Photo: Space Perspective

Spaceship Neptune is a capsule that will be lifted into the stratosphere using a massive balloon. The capsule promises passengers a much more comfortable and relaxing space tourism experience than those offered by other companies, such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, with their fleeting suborbital rocket flights.

Exclusive comfort on board the Spaceship Neptune

Representatives of Space Perspective call the Space Spa a unique personal recreational area inside the capsule, designed for eight passengers. This spa is designed to provide travelers with exclusive comfort and highlight the incredible views from deep space, the pale blue line of the atmosphere, the bright stars above us, and the Earth far below.

Space Spa on board the Spaceship Neptune

“One of the most consistent questions we receive when people learn that our spaceflight lasts six hours is if there will be a loo. The answer is always, of course, yes. The bathroom is made with design in mind and enhances the unique experience we offer, emphasizing the fantastic views of space and Earth,” explains Jane Poynter, founder and co–CEO of Space Perspective.

Space Perspective also tries to create an atmosphere close to a spa, rather than a typical passenger plane. Isabella Trani, who is working with Dan Window on the design of the Space Spa, stressed that this place should be the most convenient place for privacy inside the capsule.

Space Spa on board the Spaceship Neptune
Space Spa on board the Spaceship Neptune

However, the Spaceship Neptune is not just a spa. Space Perspective promises world-class food and drinks, cushioned seats and beverage services, including custom headphones, Wi-Fi and special amenity kits. The company strives to provide travelers with a unique experience that exceeds their expectations.

Ticket sales

In July, Space Perspective announced the successful sale of more than 1,600 tickets at a price of USD 125,000 each, which brought in approximately USD 200 million. This value surpasses all publicly available ticket sales reports of any other space tourism enterprise.

Space Perspective plans to conduct its first commercial flights at the end of 2024, giving passengers the opportunity to enjoy the best comfortable conditions and views that an area on the border with space can offer.

Earlier, we reported on how Space Perspective attracted USD 65 million in investments.

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