Spaceship Neptune Space Balloon will have lounge area with bathroom and champagne

Space tourists aboard the Blue Origin rocket and the Virgin Galactic spacecraft remain in rather cramped conditions during the flight. In a small cabin, except for seats, passengers have little access. To entertain rich tourists during the flight to the border with space, the Space Perspective company promises to equip tourist balloons at the highest level. Passengers will receive a lounge area with champagne and a bathroom with a gorgeous view of the Earth from a great height.

Interior of Spaceship Neptune

Spaceship Neptune Space Lounge

Space Perspective presented the design of the first-ever “space lounge” inside the Spaceship Neptune balloon. The zone will be equipped with panoramic windows, a bar, reclining chairs, a menu with expensive snacks, Wi-Fi, customizable decorative lighting, a telescope, interactive screens, floor lamps, as well as plants for use in cocktails.

Interior of Spaceship Neptune

Most importantly, the space living room will have a bathroom with huge panoramic windows so that space tourists can observe an incredible view of the Earth.

“In Space Perspective, the journey will be exciting and festive, with enough time for quiet contemplation,” the company said in a statement.

Cheap Tickets

Despite the service at the highest level, the cost of a flight in the stratosphere will be hundreds of times cheaper than on Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic. Potential passengers can pay a deposit for a ticket in the amount of USD 125 thousand for a six-hour flight to an altitude of 30 km. The hermetic capsule accommodates eight people and a pilot. The company stated that the seats for the first year have already been fully reserved.

Spaceship Neptune

Of course, the images of the interior of the balloon looks glamorous. But the company is still a long way from launching commercial flights from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Space Perspective aims to make the first flight with passengers at the end of 2024.

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