Sweet experiment: Chocolate mousse is cooked on the ISS

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have an extremely busy work schedule during their six-month stay in orbit. They spend most of their time in microgravity in the closed environment of the orbital outpost and only occasionally go into outer space for inspection and general maintenance.

Andreas Mogensen poses for a photo with a container in which the cosmic chocolate mousse is prepared. Photo: NASA

One of the main goals of the experiments on board is to explore the best ways to grow crops in space, which is an extremely important task in connection with possible future missions to the Moon and Mars. Scientists have already developed a device for growing green leafy vegetables on board the ISS. But the issue of nutrition in space is still an important challenge. During a long flight to Mars or building a lunar base, astronauts should be able to enjoy sweets that not only satisfy their taste buds, but also provide the necessary nutritional content for their physical and psychological health. 

Recently, an astronaut of the European Space Agency, Andreas Mogensen, spoke about his experience of making chocolate mousse on board the ISS. This caused a real delight of the entire crew. I made chocolate mousse for my crewmates! It turned out delicious and was a huge hit!” Mogensen wrote in his post on social networks.

This experiment was conducted by the European Space Agency together with the French Space Agency (CNES) and was called Food Processor. It was aimed at exploring the possibilities of cooking various dishes in space. Mogensen stressed the importance of this study, noting that tasty and high-calorie food could be as important for astronauts’ morale as healthy food for maintaining their physical condition.

How astronauts eat on the ISS

Now, all the food for astronauts is prepared on Earth. Packed, it is delivered to the ISS. Astronauts simply heat it up or add water for quick cooking. Nevertheless, the ability to cook food on board the ISS can be very useful, especially for long-term missions where there is limited space for storing food.

The European Space Agency says its goal is to develop an improved space food system that will allow astronauts to cook various dishes on board. During the Food Processor project, prototypes of equipment capable of weighing, mixing, heating, kneading, drying, cooking, coloring and moistening food using basic culinary functions are being tested.

Representatives of the European Space Agency believe that this technology has the potential to create diverse and delicious food for astronauts during long flights, which will increase their morale and provide comfort during important missions.

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