Starship is recognized as safe. But permission to launch is not given yet

The US Federal Aviation Administration completed a human safety check of the giant Starship rocket. However, before this organization issues a launch license, an assessment of the risks that it carries for wildlife must take place.

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Starship safety check completed

The giant Starship rocket is safe for humans. This decision was announced by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on October 31, 2023. The risks to public health are recognized as acceptable. This is a serious obstacle that has been left behind.

However, before SpaceX, which owns the Starship, can launch it, another important check must be completed. The launch license must contain the conclusion that the launch will be safe for wildlife on land and at sea.

Now, the FAA is working on the document together with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They must conclude that the launch will comply with the Biological Assessment under the Endangered Species Act. After all, the previous attempt ended with a lot of debris falling into the Gulf of Mexico.

When will the rocket be launched

Starship is the largest and most powerful rocket ever created by humans. It is two-stage and has a total height of 122 m. Over the years, a lot of tests have been conducted with individual components of this carrier. But the system flew completely only once.

It happened on April 20 of this year. Then, after the launch from the Texas coast, a lot of problems arose. In particular, it was not possible to separate the two stages. Finally, the rocket had to be exploded. According to the results of the flight, SpaceX has made a number of improvements in the design of both the rocket and the launch pad.

The FAA investigation of the incident officially ended on September 9. However, they did not give their permission immediately after that. Representatives of the administration stated that the company must fulfill all their requirements and reapply for a new license. Preparations in this area began a few months ago.

In particular, the company has installed a water cooling system under the launch pad, which should prevent damage to it during re-launch. The FAA has been studying its reliability for the last few weeks. Now everyone is waiting for the completion of the last checks and obtaining a license.

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