Starlink postpones the introduction of a strict restriction

The restrictions on downloading data via Starlink announced last month would come into effect in February, not December. These changes are reported on the official website of the service. When Starlink first announced the restrictions, the company said the changes would take effect this month. Now they have been postponed for two months than originally planned.

The Starlink service has been making changes to users since February 2023. Starlink Photo

The data restriction conditions remain as announced. As part of the new “Fair Use Policy”, Starlink customers will receive a monthly allocated amount of “priority access” data. Consequently, everyone who will use the Internet from Starlink from 7 am to 23 p.m. will use the priority access pool. If the user exceeds the amount of priority access, it will be automatically transferred to “basic access”, which has a slower speed and a longer connection process until the end of the paid month.

Regular customers will have a limit of 1 TV of data. An additional volume of priority access will be available for 25 cents per 1 GB. Other plans have different distributions and costs – the price list is available on the Starlink website. Priority access data is not available for Starlink RV, Portability, or Best Effort packages. 

Starlink is not the only Internet service provider that has introduced data restriction. Comcast has postponed several times the planned data restrictions on 1.2 TV for its customers in the northeast of the United States. Data restrictions are already in effect for some Comcast customers.

Starlink and Ukraine

About 150 thousand users from Ukraine use the satellite service daily. SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service remains vital for Ukrainians in the regions that remain out of communication during the Russian invasion. SpaceX started sending Starlink terminals to Ukraine in February. Although the deployment of the service in our country was originally planned no earlier than 2023, satellite Internet appeared on the territory of Ukraine much earlier. Probably, the US government subsidized the operation of sending Starlink terminals and services. The US military has already been pleasantly surprised by how well the satellite Internet from SpaceX has performed in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Earlier we reported on how the FCC allowed the launch of the second generation of Starlink.

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