Serhiy Prytula’s Charitable Foundation bought a satellite for the Ukrainian military

Serhiy Prytula’s Charitable Foundation has signed an agreement with ICEYE. It will give the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine full control over one of its SAR satellites, which is already in orbit.

ICEYE SAR Satellite Capabilities

ICEYE has a constellation of 21 satellites equipped with synthetic aperture radars (SAR radars). They are capable of receiving images of the Earth’s surface with a resolution of up to 25 cm. At the same time, unlike traditional optical satellites, devices with SAR radars can take pictures under any weather conditions and time of day. They are able to “break through” clouds, smoke, ash and even vegetation.

Image of the Crimean bridge taken by the ICEYE SAR satellite. Source: ICEYE

Another important advantage of SAR radars is the ability to get a 3D picture of the landscape. SAR satellites can localize the places of destruction and promptly assess changes in the situation in the combat area.

Satellite for the Ukrainian military

The agreement concluded by the Serhiy Prytula’s Charitable Foundation gives the government of Ukraine full control over one of the ICEYE spacecraft. The company will also provide the Ukrainian military with access to its satellite grouping, which will allow them to receive radar images of critical areas of the front with a high update frequency. 

Statement of the Serhiy Prytula’s Charitable Foundation on the acquisition of the satellite

The agreement was implemented at the expense of donations collected on June 22-24 during the “People’s Bayraktar” campaign organized by the Prytula Foundation together with blogger Ihor Lachenkov. Since Baykar provided Ukraine with three Bayraktar TB-2 drones for free, this made it possible to use UAH 600 million collected for the purchase of a satellite.

Serhiy Prytula commented on the agreement as follows:

“To date, ICEYE has the most advanced technology of radar satellite imagery. This agreement is a serious step in ensuring the critical needs of the Ukrainian government for surveillance data and significant assistance to our Armed Forces.”

Serhiy Prytula also expressed special thanks to the Executive Director of ICEYE Rafal Modzhevsky, the founder of EOS Data Analytics Max Poliakov for his help and assistance, and to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for their trust.

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