Scott Kelly comes to Kyiv and raises money for ambulances

American astronaut Scott Kelly came to Kyiv to see firsthand the criminality of the actions of the Russians. He is raising money for ambulances for our state.

Astronaut Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly in Kyiv

American astronaut Scott Kelly, known for his long journeys in space and active support of Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia, came to Kyiv. On the morning of November 27, he tweeted a picture of the Earth from space with Kyiv marked on it, and after a while posted a photo from the Kyiv railway station. 

Scott Kelly came to see firsthand what is happening in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s ground aggression and missile strikes. The astronaut visited Irpin and Bucha, which survived the horrors during the short-term Russian occupation. There he was shown an exhibition of photographs dedicated to these events.

Then he went to the “OKHMATDIT Ukrainian Children’s Specialized Hospital”, where he met with children injured as a result of Russian missile strikes. He even gave one little patient an astronaut badge, with which he spent a whole year in space.

Astronaut at the Kyiv railway station. Source:

Assistance to Ukraine from the astronaut

Scott Kelly constantly follows the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war and reacts sharply to them. Back in early March, in protest against the attack on our country, he refused the medal awarded by the aggressor country.

Scott Kelly came to Ukraine not only for curiosity and moral support. He is very concerned about everything that is happening. In the spring, he created a picture dedicated to our country, turned it into a cryptographic token NFT, sold it at auction, and sent the money to the victim assistance fund.

Kelly is the official representative of the United24 fundraising platform. On November 12, he said that every day Russia destroyed 10 Ukrainian ambulances and organized a fundraiser for them. He was the first to transfer his own 65 thousand dollars for these needs.

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