Roscosmos forms a battalion for the war in Ukraine

Roscosmos is forming a battalion called Uran to participate in the war against Ukraine. This news may cast doubt on the continuation of cooperation with NASA. A number of astronauts have already called for it to be interrupted.

Roscosmos puts up such posters for its enterprises. Source: Financial Times

“Uran” battalion

The Financial Times reports that the Roscosmos is forming its own battalion for the war in Ukraine. It is called “Uran”. According to reports, those who join there are immediately offered 100,000 ruble ($1,200) and another 270,000 rubles for each month of stay at the front. 

According to reports, this is significantly more than the majority of workers at Roscosmos enterprises earn. However, Russians are lured into this armed formation not only by the amount of remuneration. The leadership of the space agency of the aggressor country has invested a lot of money in glossy posters and propaganda videos.

Taking into account the fact that about 170,000 employees work at Roscosmos enterprises, the management of the corporation has a chance to recruit a sufficient number of volunteers. Thus, they are trying to improve the situation of the Russian army, which has not been doing very well in the last 16 months.

Cooperation with NASA

The leadership of Roscosmos does not officially advertise such a recruitment, obviously believing that in this way they retain their reputation as a neutral and peaceful organization. Last year, NATO made a huge effort not to stop cooperating with them. It is vital to ensure that the operation of the International Space Station does not stop. 

The odious Dmitry Rogozin left the position of director of Roscosmos. In his place came Yuri Borisov, who is considered more pragmatic, although in fact the same supporter of the war against Ukraine. However, NASA managed to agree with the Russians on joint missions to the ISS. In particular, this Friday, it became known that a representative of the aggressor country would also participate in the seventh manned flight of the Dragon spacecraft.

An important role in this is played by former cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, who is an adviser to Borisov, and before that led the entire manned program. But none of his relations with the Americans will help if Roscosmos starts helping the invasion. 

In fact, all Americans who are well acquainted with the realities of Roscosmos understand perfectly that they fully support the invasion there and demand to stop all cooperation, because it really does not help in any way.

Possible solution

“It is naïve to think that cooperation on the ISS will somehow allow cooler heads in Moscow to prevail or provide some kind of restraint to Putin,” astronaut Terry Virts said in an interview with Ars. “Three cosmonauts that I flew with in space went to the Duma where they all supported Putin’s illegal war, as well as repressive measures that have eliminated the last vestiges of free speech for ordinary Russians.”

However, it is not so easy to refuse the help of Russians to operate the ISS as to say so. One of the main issues that prevents all relations from being finally interrupted is the ISS orientation engines. They are Russian, and there is no ready-made solution to replace them yet.

Astronauts, in particular Scott Kelly and Terry Virts, urge to start their own developments. For this, the company SpaceX could be involved. However, in the 16 months since the invasion began, this issue has not budged.

Now the US Congress does not notice that there is no “punishment” for Roscosmos in the long queue of sanctions. However, if they confirm that the corporation is recruiting militants, then there will definitely be someone who will ask why an exception is being made for it. And then no friendship between NASA and Krikalev will help.

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