NASA apologizes for humanity’s shattered dream

NASA apologized for a not very successful post on social networks that allegedly dispelled the dreams of mankind about a space trip to Jupiter. On its page on the social network X, the space agency asked: “Is visiting Jupiter on your bucket list? Let’s face facts, it’s not going to happen. Therefore, we suggest that you send your name on board the Europa Clipper spacecraft, which will fly to the gas giant in 2024.”

Illustration of the Europa Clipper probe against the background of Jupiter. Image: ESA

Although the message was made with good intentions, many people saw it as if NASA was denying their dream of the possibility of space travel at all. Others have criticized the organization for seeming to disparage researchers and engineers.

Two days after an active discussion in the comments, NASA finally apologized for its publication by writing the following post: “Hey, folks—we goofed up. We want to be clear: we’re always reaching for the stars (and planets and moons), and we want what we do to inspire you to do the same. Never stop dreaming!”

Inflated expectations

In fact, NASA has done nothing wrong. Indeed, many space discoveries and research begin with the dream of traveling into the unexplored expanses of space to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. However, it is important that these dreams are supported by scientific facts and technological realities. And here the organization fulfills its role by rationally and scientifically approaching space research.

It is worth noting that SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, specializes in ambitious projects to colonize other worlds. Therefore, it was not surprising that it reacted most severely to the NASA statement. Recall that a private space company plans to land people on Mars in the 2030s.

Inhospitable world of Jupiter

Do not forget that Jupiter is a far planet located at a great distance from Earth. Also, this gas giant does not have a solid surface for landing a spacecraft. This world is very inhospitable for people: the highest level of radiation, strong gravity, high atmospheric pressure, powerful winds and deadly lightning make it unsuitable for visiting.

On the other hand, the Jovian moon Europa is an interesting place to explore. According to the conclusions of scientists, there is a real ocean under its surface, in which life may exist. Therefore, it can become a target for future missions. One of them will be the Europa Clipper. It will help us explore this moon of Jupiter, significantly expanding our knowledge of space.

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