Morpheus Space startup created a simple program for planning space missions

The developer of space engines Morpheus Space presented its new product — a platform for modelling and designing space missions called Journey. 

The Journey program will help clients develop their own space mission. Image: Morpheus

The platform was developed in just two years, Morpheus Product manager Jim Gianakopoulos said during its presentation. The idea of creating a simple platform arose due to the complexity and technicality of the process of choosing rocket engines for space missions. Customers usually turned to Morpheus to ask if their engines could meet their flight needs. However, this process was too technical and manual.

“We realized that that was an inhibiting factor. It can be empowering for our users to just give them the locus of control to actually simulate their entire mission themselves, analyze it and refine it and see what propulsion system meets [their] needs,” Gianakopoulos said.

Journey combines data that is usually dispersed between Excel tables, Python code and other cumbersome modelling systems, and quickly forms a mission concept and system design. Users can enter their measurements, manoeuvres, launch date and other requirements. The program is designed to be convenient even for non-specialized users, offering ready-made working templates, for example, the size of the satellite or the height of the orbit.

Interface of the Morpheus Journey program

The Journey platform is not limited to using only Morpheus engines. Depending on the needs of the mission, it can recommend engines from other companies and various modules for satellites, such as positioning and communication systems.

The first product on the platform is Preliminary Mission Design (PMD). The company also plans to release a more advanced version — Advanced Mission Design (AMD). The platform is designed to help customers go all the way — from the idea of a mission to de-orbiting after the end of their service life.

Morpheus already has five to six clients who use PMD to plan missions and systems in the early stages. AMD will be available in closed beta testing for two weeks. 

Morpheus, with offices in Germany and El Segundo (California), was founded in 2018. In September 2022, the startup was funded for USD 28 million under the leadership of Alpine Space Ventures.

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