Maxar Technologies publishes images of Soledar and Bakhmut

Maxar Technologies has published images from its satellites, which show the results of the battles for Soledar that have been going on since August. Another image shows an intersection in Bakhmut, completely covered with craters from shell explosions.

Soledar in January. Source: Maxar Technologies

Soledar in August and January

Maxar Technologies, known for its satellite images of the Ukrainian-Russian war, turned its attention to the hottest part of the front — the cities of Soledar and Bakhmut. On January 11, it published on its Twitter page two pairs of photos of the city, once known mainly for a sanatorium located in a salt mine.

Both pairs of images show multi-storey buildings. Only in the photos dated August 1, they have whole roofs and there are no traces of fires. And in the images dated January 7 and 10, they look like ghosts standing among snow-covered fields.

At the same time, schools and other public buildings were also included in the image dated January 7. The photo shows that they are almost completely destroyed by shelling. 

Why have cities destroyed so much?

Another image published by Maxar Technologies after that shows the intersection of roads in Bakhmut. It is almost all dotted with craters from the impact of shells. This shows how intense and long the fighting in this area is.

The intersection in Bakhmut. Source: Maxar Technologies

Earlier, Maxar Technologies has already published photos of the village of Opytne, located near Bakhmut. In fact, all these settlements are the scene of one huge battle that has been going on since August last year. And for the last few months, it has not subsided even at night.

The Wagner Private Military Company, which turns into a small army with tanks, planes and artillery, has been conducting military operations against the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this area for a long time. The occupation of cities could increase the influence of the group inside Russia, so the militants continue to storm them regardless of any civilian casualties.

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