GuardianSat startup gets a grant to implement protection of satellites from space debris

The GuardianSat startup has received a grant from the American Science Foundation for the implementation of technology that will allow satellites to protect themselves from space debris. The equipment allows scanning the environment offline and performing evasive maneuvers.

The startup will protect satellites from space debris. Source:

Space startup gets funding

The GuardianSat startup announced on October 12 that it had received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s America’s Seed Fund for the implementation of technology to protect satellites from collisions with space debris. Its total amount is 273, 000 US dollars. In addition, the company is expected to receive technical support from Aerospace Corp.

In general, the Seed Fund invests up to USD 200 million a year in various promising scientific projects. GuardianSat obviously interested them in the fact that it already has a ready-made technical solution. The company was founded in 2020 in Delaware. One of the “fathers” of the company, Robert Briskman, has even already received a patent for collision avoidance devices.

“Our patented solution is for high Earth-orbiting satellites,” said Huey Wyche, head of research at GuardianSat. “It will include a subsystem to detect orbital debris, track potential collision threats, and autonomously adjust the satellite’s course to prevent accidents.”

How to avoid debris in space

The idea offered by GuardianSat is not as complicated as it seems. Its key element is the means of early threat detection, which will be placed directly on the satellite. GuardianSat suggests using multispectral sensors for this purpose. Cameras operating in a wide range of waves will allow to determine in advance not only a dangerous object, but also its characteristics.

In addition, the technology contains a system of interaction with the propulsion system of the spacecraft. It will automatically give the command to perform an evasion maneuver, and after the danger passes, it will send a second signal. It will initiate a maneuver that will return the satellite to the target orbit.

In addition, according to GuardianSat, this technology is only an auxiliary in the satellite protection system that they are developing. The main one will be based on the use of laser radar and radio waves to more accurately prevent unwanted collisions.

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