Free Netflix about space: NASA shows the first movie trailers for its service

NASA is preparing to launch its new streaming service NASA+. This is part of an ambitious update of the organization’s website and mobile application, scheduled for November 8. The free channel promises to provide users with fresh and exciting content without ads. On the eve of the launch of NASA+, the agency published short trailers of some new science series that would appear on the channel.

Space Out promises viewers a “journey through space” with breathtaking images accompanied by relaxing music and high-quality visual effects, from the surface of Mars to sunset on Uranus.

Other Worlds will demonstrate the latest information about the work of the James Webb Space Telescope, which has been transmitting incredible images of deep space since the middle of last year. Scientists hope that the advanced observatory will be able to tell us more about the history of the Universe as well as discover Earth-like planets capable of supporting life.

NASA Explorers will talk about the OSIRIS-REx mission. Its goal was to deliver to Earth the first American sample of an asteroid selected at a distance of several billion kilometers. The movie will show the fascinating journey of the spacecraft and its importance for our understanding of the origin of the Solar System.

Preparations for the launch of the NASA+ channel are still ongoing. Additional details will be available on release day, November 8. Get ready for exciting space discoveries on the new streaming channel!

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