ESA holds an Investment forum for Startups

The European Space Agency has organized an investment forum for startups in Berlin. Thanks to the support of the organization, many companies promoting modern technologies were able to receive funding and implement their ideas.

ESA holds an investment forum. Source: ESA

ESA Investment Forum in Berlin

The European Space Agency (ESA) has organized an investment forum in Berlin. Various startups related to near-Earth space exploration and new technologies were able to talk about their ideas and their implementation.

The Forum is part of ESA’s strategy to increase private space research in Europe. Speaking at it, the head of the agency, Josef Aschbacher, said that the event is one of the most important platforms through which the European Organization for Space Exploration communicates its needs to the market.

Now there is a paradigm change in the European space industry. ESA wants to switch from relying on large state-owned enterprises to working with private developers. The latter are ready to develop new technologies quickly, but need support at the initial stage of technology implementation. And it is these developments that the agency is ready to finance.

What technologies are Europeans interested in

Most of the money comes through business incubators in Germany, Austria and Portugal, but there are other ways of financing. And Ukrainian companies can also take advantage of this opportunity. According to experts, Ukraine has something to offer Europeans in terms of technology. And cooperation with the ESA of private companies can open the way for our state to join it.

At the same time, ESA is ready to help not only rocket manufacturers. As the forum showed, the agency supports almost any manufacturer of high-tech products, if it can be usefully used both in orbit and on Earth.

An example is the company BLACKPIN, which is engaged in the creation of an automatic alarm system if a person suddenly loses consciousness. It can be useful for people with serious illnesses who leave home for a long time and want to live an active life. So almost every Ukrainian startup can try to become an ESA partner.

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