China plans to use the Moon to attack the United States from space

Due to the growing tension in the new lunar space race, the United States is beginning to seriously worry about its security due to a possible enemy strike from outer space. According to the US military, China may use the Moon as a springboard to strike the United States. 

Illustration of China’s military base on the Moon. Image is generated by Gencraft AI

This is reported by the military publication Defense One.

Brigadier General of the US Space Forces Anthony Mastalir, head of the Indo-Pacific Department of Extraterrestrial Security Forces, expressed concern about the possibility of China violating the concluded space treaty. This treaty obliges countries to use space exclusively for the benefit of all mankind.

Mastalir noted that from a military point of view, it was important to consider possible attack vectors that might not be taken into account or require attention. He particularly drew attention to two main areas from where China can prepare for an attack: outside the geostationary orbit, where conventional satellites are located, and the space around the Moon.

The Brigadier General expressed concern that conflicts first starting on Earth could spread to outer space or even occur in it. However, the focus is now on land-based conflicts. He noted that while deterring ground-based threats was a priority, it was also necessary to take into account the possibility of an attack from space.

Artemis III: Illustration of the landing of humans on the moon in the near future. Illustration: Space Intelligence

Mastalir is not the only one who is concerned about Chinese lunar ambitions, which have intensified along with U.S. plans to return to the moon with the Artemis mission. His anxiety about potential attacks from space reflects a feature of military aerospace strategy.

In turn, China rejects the US accusations of intending to use the Moon for unfair purposes. In response, the Celestial Empire accuses the United States of creating threats in space to justify increasing its military power and spreading its influence not only on Earth, but also in space.

The coexistence of these two opposing allies is undoubtedly quite difficult, especially on issues of Taiwan and the future use of the Moon. However, they will have to cooperate, or at least have a dialogue, if both plan to build lunar bases.

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