Cooperation between Russia and China in satellite technologies poses a threat to Ukraine

Russia and China actively cooperate on the development of 5G networks and global positioning satellite technologies. This activity can cause a lot of problems for the Ukrainian army on the battlefield.

Cooperation between GLONASS and Beidou may create problems for Ukraine. Source:

Cooperation in the field of 5G

On March 1, the Royal United Services Institute, based in London, published a report on cooperation between Russia and China in the field of information technology. According to experts, it concerns the development of 5G networks and satellite navigation. And all this directly concerns Ukraine.

It’s no secret that the PRC refused to condemn the large-scale invasion of Ukraine that took place in February 2024. And at a time when other states cut off economic ties with the aggressor country in every possible way, China, on the contrary, increases them, which helps Russia.

But in this case, it’s not just about financial support. In its war against Ukraine, Russia is increasingly using drones and sharing operational information through computer networks. Data volumes are growing all the time and 5G networks are well suited for their transmission.

It was them that the Chinese manufacturer Huawei and the Russian mobile operators MTS and Beeline agreed to develop together. According to British experts, Russia has certain problems with the commissioning of these technologies, but they are already helping it.

Russian-Chinese satellite positioning system

The authors of the report see an equally serious threat to Ukraine’s security in cooperation between Russia and China in the field of satellite technologies. Both countries have their own navigation systems based on spacecraft signals from orbit. For Russia, it is GLONASS, for China, it is Beidou.

Both systems are slightly inferior to GPS, but countries are actively working to improve them. Including through mutual integration. The agreement on this was concluded back in 2018. And in 2022, the two countries agreed that they would build three powerful stations on each other’s territory to receive and support signals from satellites.

Thus, three centers should soon appear on the territory of Russia, which will allow the use of all navigation devices capable of receiving signals from Beidou satellites much more efficiently than now. 

It is important for Ukraine that one of these centers will be located in Obninsk, Kaluga Oblast. Russia is actively using GLONASS to aim its missiles at targets on the territory of Ukraine. It is possible that in the future, through the use of Beidou, they will be able to use them more effectively.

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