Britain mourns the Robin Hood Tree: The icon of astrophotography was destroyed by vandals

On September 28, news came from the UK that shocked all fans of astrophotography. A vandal cut down the famous sycamore tree in Northumberland National Park, also known as the Robin Hood Tree.

The destroyed sycamore tree was more than three hundred years old. The tree grew near Hadrian’s Wall, constructed during the Roman Empire, in a gorge between two hills. The tree got its nickname after the release of the 1991 movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, where it appeared in a number of scenes.

Robin Hood Tree. Source:

Due to its position in a very picturesque location, the Robin Hood Tree was very popular among astrophotographers from all over the world. They regularly came to it for photo sessions. You can find many nighttime images of the sycamore tree on the Internet against the background of the Milky Way band, the full Moon, the aurora borealis and even comets. Unfortunately, now the photos are all that remains of the famous tree.

Robin Hood Tree. Source:

According to British press reports, the police have already detained a suspect in vandalism. He is a 16-year-old teenager. At the moment, it is unknown what prompted him to destroy one of the main symbols of Great Britain.

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