Breathtaking feeling of weightlessness: NASA made an amazing VR movie

The stunning virtual reality (VR) effect is now available to users of Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 thanks to the VR trilogy of documentaries Space Explorers: Blue Marble from Felix & Paul Studios. 

Owners of Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 will be able to enjoy the films Space Explorers: Blue Marble

Felix & Paul Studios specializes in developing VR content for astronauts. The new trilogy of films is the latest creation, opening up to the viewer the breathtaking 360-degree perspectives of the Earth, made in orbit from the International Space Station (ISS).

The Cupola module in VR looks really exciting. Photo: NASA

The Space Explorers: Blue Marble trilogy is a continuation of the Emmy Award-winning Space Explorers film series. They offer an exciting perspective of the Earth from the point of view of astronauts who train and work on various missions. To capture these extraordinary moments, the filmmakers designed and constructed cameras that could function in the vacuum of space, and then collaborated with NASA crews aboard the ISS and ground mission control teams.

The full list of episodes is described below.

Space Explorers: Blue Marble — Orbit 1

The unique video was made outside the International Space Station (ISS); it offers an exciting cinematic virtual reality (VR) experience. Go on an exciting journey over our planet and witness the spectacular viewing effect that astronauts experience when observing the Earth from low Earth orbit. This video will help you better understand the place of our planet in the Universe and its importance for future generations. Thanks to the full 360° perspective volume, you will be immersed in the incredible landscapes of Earth that inspire and absorb. 

Space Explorers: Blue Marble — Orbit 2

An incredible journey during which you can see the beauty of our planet from an unsurpassed perspective. Using cinematic VR footage captured by the Outer Space VR camera located outside the International Space Station (ISS), you can see how NASA’s astronaut Megan McArthur works in the Cupola observation module while the station orbits the Earth at a speed of 28 thousand km/h. 

Space Explorers: Blue Marble — Orbit 3

Join NASA’s astronaut Megan McArthur as she opens the shutters of the dome observation module of the International Space Station (ISS), opening a magnificent sunrise on the Earth’s horizon. Feel the power of our star, which illuminates the Earth, filling the module with golden glow. Go on an incredible journey to see the beauty of our planet from an incomparable perspective.

You can view all three orbits of Space Explorers: Blue Marble on the MetaQuest website. You need a VR headset to watch.

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