SpaceX delivers thousands of Starlink terminals to Ukraine

SpaceX has delivered thousands of Starlink global satellite Internet terminals to Ukraine. This was stated in an interview with CNBS by the company’s chief operating officer Gwynne Shotwell

Starlink antenna. Source: GeekWire

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, SpaceX started providing Starlink at the request of Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov. A Starlink terminal consists of an antenna, a tripod for its installation and a Wi-Fi router. The terminal automatically connects to the nearest of Starlink’s more than 2,000 satellites, then provides high-speed Internet. 

Gwynne Shotwell did not say the exact number of terminals delivered to Ukraine, but said that they are already numbered in thousands. According to her, supplies are mostly financed from private sources. Poland and France also provided assistance. As for the United States, according to Shotwell, they are not involved in financing supplies.

We should remind the reader that SpaceX recently signed a contract with OneWeb to launch the remaining devices of OneWeb’s satellite network, which is also designed to provide global satellite Internet service.

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