Astronomers find hot Jupiter in a strange orbit

Using data collected by the TESS telescope, a team of American astronomers has discovered a previously unknown hot Jupiter. The find was designated TOI-1859 b. The newly found exoplanet is interesting for the unusual characteristics of its orbit.

Hot Jupiter in the artist’s image. Source: ESO/M. Kornmesser

TOI-1859 b orbits a star of spectral class F located at a distance of about 730 years from Earth. It is about 30% brighter and more massive than the Sun. As for the exoplanet, it is a gas giant. Its radius is 86% of the radius of Jupiter.

The orbital period of the exoplanet is 63 days, and the major semi-axis of the orbit lies at a distance of 0.33 AU (50 million km) from the parent star. Considering that the luminary has a surface temperature comparable to that of the sun, it is obvious that the atmosphere of TOI-1859 b is heated to significant values.

But the most interesting thing is the characteristics of the orbit of TOI-1859 b. It is characterized by great eccentricity. Its value is 0.57. In addition, the orbit of TOI-1859 b is shifted relative to the ecliptic plane of the system. Its inclination is 38.9°.

According to the researchers, the anomalous orbit of TOI-1859 b is explained by dynamic interactions, in particular, that occur during the scattering of the protoplanetary disk. In the future, they plan to study this world to check whether the temperature of the star affects the alignment of its orbit.

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