TESS finds hot Jupiter near a rapidly rotating star

Using data collected by the TESS telescope, Australian astronomers have discovered a previously unknown hot Jupiter. It orbits the star HD 115447, located at a distance of 528 light-years from Earth.

The change in the light curve of the star HD 115447 at the time of transit of hot Jupiter. Source: Clark et al., 2022.

HD 115447 is classified as a star of spectral class F. It is 70% larger and 40% more massive than the Sun, its age is estimated at 1.95 billion years. The star has a high rotation speed around its own axis. It is approximately 40 km/s.

During observations of HD 115447, the TESS telescope detected periodic decreases in the brightness of the luminary caused by transits of an invisible companion around it. It’s a gas giant. Its radius is 1.4, and its mass is 2.8 times greater than the radius and mass of Jupiter. The orbit of the exoplanet passes at a distance of 0.06 AU (8 million km) from the star, it makes one orbit around it in 4.63 days.

Due to such proximity to the sun, the atmosphere of the exoplanet is heated to very high values. According to astronomers, its temperature reaches about 1300 °C.

TESS was also able to determine the inclination of the orbit of the exoplanet to the equatorial plane of the star. The value of this indicator is 19°. According to astronomers, initially the gas giant formed at a greater distance from the star, and then gradually slowly migrated to the current orbit, moving through the protoplanetary disk.

You can also read about the results of a recent study of the TRAPPIST-1 system. According to its authors, stellar flares can warm up the interiors of its exoplanets.

According to https://phys.org

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