Astronauts on the ISS receive modern mirrorless cameras as a gift

Astronauts who are currently on the International Space Station (ISS) are conducting scientific experiments in microgravity. However, part of their job also involves photographing the Earth. Photo from space is at the same time an important scientific research, as well as just a pleasant hobby, so that people on Earth can see what kind of wonderful place our planet is.

Nikon camera in the hands of an astronaut before a spacewalk in the airlock of the International Space Station. Photo: NASA

To get even more vivid and detailed photos from space, the Cygnus cargo spacecraft delivered to the ISS a valuable cargo for photography enthusiasts – mirrorless cameras. Nikon handed over 13 Nikon Z9 cameras, 15 FTZ II adapters and more than 15 Nikon Z lenses (super-telephoto and macro lenses) to the astronauts. All of them were delivered to the space outpost in January aboard Northrop Grumman’s 20th commercial mission. The Cygnus cargo spacecraft was launched into orbit by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

NASA astronauts have been using Nikon D6 and D5 SLR cameras for filming for a long time since 2017. These cameras were the main ones in orbit, but by modern standards such models are already outdated. Now astronauts can take photos with the first space mirrorless cameras of the Nikon Z series.

Externally, these are ordinary camera models that can be purchased by an ordinary buyer. However, the engineers of the Japanese company, together with NASA, have developed special software for reliable operation in harsh space conditions.

During spacewalks, cameras are placed in a special white case designed by NASA

It is noted that since 1999, Nikon cameras and lenses have been used by NASA for space exploration in the orbital laboratory and space Shuttles. They are also used during spacewalks, while the cameras are placed in a special white case developed by NASA.

Nikon introduced its mirrorless Z-series camera in 2018, and technological progress in this area has allowed it to be used on the ISS. The mirrorless system makes it possible to create smaller and lighter camera bodies and has other advantages compared to SLR cameras.

Although the old Nikon SLR cameras produced excellent results, it also requires high professionalism and careful setup to create these images. We are waiting for the new results of the work of the ISS astronauts, who will give us the magical landscapes of our planet from a height of 400 km above the surface.

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