A UFO hunter revealed the truth about aliens before being dismissed from the Pentagon

After being dismissed from his position as the chief UFO hunter at the Pentagon, the former head of the Department of Defense’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), Sean Kirkpatrick, revealed the truth about unidentified objects. In his article for Scientific American, he shared the results of investigations, revealing that his office had found no evidence regarding the alien origin of this phenomenon. He also denied the existence of a government conspiracy that would conceal any evidence of the existence of aliens.

Illustration of UFOs. Photo: Unsplash

Despite the lack of evidence of a government conspiracy, AARO was tasked with investigating such claims, in particular those made by Air Force veteran David Grusch. Grusch made headlines in the media last year, claiming that he was a participant in the concealment of alien bodies and extraterrestrial transport aircraft. He became a central figure during the AARO investigation for such statements.

Kirkpatrick noted that even with an intensive search, he found no evidence of the existence of aliens or a government conspiracy. However, he reveals the aversion that the key distributors of information are the same people who have actively influenced public opinion since the 1990s, against the background of the huge popularity of the series “The X-Files.”

According to Kirkpatrick, in an environment where public interest and public opinion are prone to various conspiracy theories, a pack of informants was able to undermine the research of the AARO mission, replacing them with intrigues and rumors about extraterrestrial beings.

Sean Kirkpatrick, Retired Director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the Department of Defense, is making a presentation at a public meeting of NASA’s unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) independent study team. Photo: NASA

“After painstakingly assembling a team of highly talented and motivated personnel and working with them to develop a rational, systematic and science-based strategy to investigate these phenomena, our efforts were ultimately overwhelmed by sensational but unsupported claims that ignored contradictory evidence yet captured the attention of policy makers and the public, driving legislative battles and dominating the public narrative,” Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick emphasizes that there is no reason why such evidence, if it exists, cannot be hidden or even destroyed. But with the dominant narrative of a government conspiracy to silence extraterrestrial beings, it seems that some people want to believe it too much, ignoring rational and indisputable evidence.

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