UFOs do not violate the laws of physics

The Pentagon’s Office of Anomalous Phenomena Resolution says they have no evidence that the UFOs they observe violate the laws of physics. Many have a simple explanation, others simply have little data for reliable identification.

A UFO that turned out to be a meteorological probe. Source: WXIX/Provided

Pentagon refutes the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs

On Wednesday, April 19, Sean M. Kirkpatrick, who was appointed chairman of the Pentagon’s new All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) last year, testified before the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services. His speech consisted of two parts: public and secret.

What exactly he told in the secret part of his report remained unknown. However, it hardly said that aliens were going to land on Earth. The fact is that the main opinion of the public statement is the message that “AARO has not yet found any reliable evidence of extraterrestrial activity, extraterrestrial technologies or objects that contradict the known laws of physics”.

Kirkpatrick said that this conclusion might not satisfy those who believed that the US military had evidence of the existence of aliens. However, according to him, the absolute majority of UFOs, or as they are called unidentified aerial phenomena, have a very simple explanation.

Simple explanation

A few months ago, AARO published its report on all the UFOs observed by the US military last year. Most of them were really explained by simple reasons. However, the part could not be accurately identified.

A fragment of a UFO video. Source: U.S. Dept. of Defense

Kirkpatrick explained that this did not mean that the military had seen something that did not resemble terrestrial objects. There is simply too little data for these cases to say exactly what it is. However, the director of AARO stressed that the records on which UFOs demonstrated at least some anomalous behavior from the point of view of terrestrial physics were extremely few among the entire mass of indications.

In addition, Kirkpatrick showed a video made somewhere over the Middle East. It shows a moving ball in the air currents, changing the direction of movement without any visible effects. It is quite possible that it is a balloon.

A variety of high-altitude probes quite often fall into the category of UFOs. Recently, the US military began actively shooting down such unidentified objects and they all turned out to be Chinese observers. It is quite possible that the secret part of Kirkpatrick’s report dealt with this topic.

According to www.space.com

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