The US government reports hundreds of sightings of the UFO phenomenon

The US government has seriously taken up the issue of investigating the UFO phenomenon. In a new report on unidentified flying objects, or, as they are more correctly called, “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs), the report sheds light on possible answers, but many mysteries remain unsolved. One thing you definitely won’t find in the report: the words “stranger” or “alien”.

The number of UFO sightings increased in 2022

UFOs are often associated with sci-fi concepts about aliens visiting Earth. But after the increase in public interest in the phenomenon, officials took up it, who seriously approached the study of this issue. The government is now required to submit an annual UFO report to Congress. On Thursday, the Office of National Intelligence published a declassified version of the 2022 report for the government.

Number of UFO sightings is growing

One of the key findings of 2022 is that the number of UFO sightings is growing. Most of the new messages came from Navy and Air Force personnel, including pilots. Since the first public report in 2021, 119 observations have been recorded. In 2022, their number has increased to 247. But in general, the number of UFO sightings over the past 17 years was 510.

The Office of National Intelligence reported that the observed increase in the number of UFO reports was partly due to an understanding of the possible threats they could pose. For example, they are seen as a threat to flights or perceived as possible reconnaissance aircraft of a likely enemy.

Balls and garbage

The Anomaly Research Department of the US Department of Defense collects and analyzes UFO reports. Of the 366 newly identified messages, 163 turned out to be “balloons”. 12 objects were associated with birds or garbage like plastic bags that the wind lifted into the sky. Another 26 were probably drones. But the report designated 171 cases as “mysterious”.

Intelligence stated that UFOs usually posed a serious threat to flight safety, although there were no reports of collisions between unidentified objects and aircraft. There are few details in the report and, unfortunately, there is no mention of visitors from outside our planet.

Earlier we reported that astronaut Scott Kelly was chosen to study the mystery of UFOs.

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