The US government is accused of hiding evidence of the existence of aliens

Hearings on UFOs were held in the US Congress. Three former American military men, known as exposers of the truth about aliens, were heard as witnesses at them.They told about the observations of unknown vehicles, secret technologies and even the bodies of aliens, which the Pentagon allegedly had.

David Fravor, Ryan Graves and David Grusch are preparing to testify about UFOs. Source: Image credit: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Hearings on the UFO case

On Wednesday, July 26, the US Congressional Subcommittee on National Border Security and Foreign Affairs held an unusual meeting. It was titled Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency. In other words, it was dedicated to the UFO problem.

Mainly, American parliamentarians listened to the testimony of three former military men: pilots Ryan Graves and David Fravor and intelligence officer and army officer David Grusch. All three are known as whistleblowers of the truth that the US government has repeatedly received evidence of the existence of UFOs. Representatives of different parties questioned them about this.

In his opening remarks, Republican Glenn Grothman announced that they demanded greater transparency from the Ministry of Defense, but at the same time added that unidentified aerial phenomena, as the Pentagon called them, required a cautious approach and reliance on facts. His colleague in the party, Tim Burchett, was more decisive, and said that “We need to tell the folks at the Pentagon, they work for us, that government, we don’t work for them”.

Representative of the Democratic Party, Jared Moskowitz, agreed with them. He said that the American people had the right to know the truth, although the interests of national security should not be neglected. 

Secret programs for the development of new technologies

The questioning of witnesses began with David Grusch. The testimony of the former intelligence officer mainly concerned advanced technology development programs, which are secret even for American congressmen. In 2019-2021, he was a member of the Pentagon’s UFO working group. While working there, he allegedly received information from many military personnel about the existence of programs for the use of technologies obtained at the sites of their accidents.

When asked by Moskowitz about the secret developments of advanced technologies, Grusch directly replied that they existed and were beyond the control of Congress. But regarding the specific places of the fall, he evaded the answer, saying that he could not talk about it at an open meeting. 

Next, Grusch was asked whether the statements of Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) that the US military did not have access to “non-human spacecraft”, were true. To this, the former intelligence officer replied that this was not accurate information.

But regarding whether the US government once conducted a disinformation campaign to hide the truth about the existence of UFOs, Grusch clearly answered “Yes”. However, he refused to report the details of these operations.

After that, he was questioned about whether he once had access to the site of UFO accidents. To this, Grusch replied that he had not seen them but personally communicated with people who worked there directly and confirmed that biological objects were found at the accident site and that they were not human bodies.

Testimony of pilots

Ryan Graves’ testimony mainly concerned UFO observations by military and commercial pilots. He revealed that there were actually significantly more such cases than they were reported in the press. After all, the people who control the aircraft are experienced observers.

However, this topic is stigmatized. The pilots are pressured by the opinions of their colleagues and the military leadership, and they do not dare to tell what they actually see. In this regard, Graves has high hopes for the newly created UFO research group at NASA. In his opinion, they should be given the maximum freedom of action.

As for Graves’ testimony, it mainly involved how concerned he was about how much UFO technology was ahead of that available to the United States. He stated that these vehicles were capable of hanging motionless in stormy weather, after which they would instantly gain speed and disappear from sight.

He noted that if this was actually a secret American development, then US citizens should have control over it through their representatives in Congress. If not, then programs to study the technologies behind UFOs must be created.

Are UFOs really dangerous?

Separately, the parliamentarians asked the witnesses whether UFOs could actually be guests, not from outer space but from another dimension. David Grusch replied that he was aware of the reflections on this topic, but they remained purely theoretical.

Much more congressmen were interested in whether UFOs were dangerous in one sense or another. Here, all three witnesses agreed that yes, and above all, that they have capabilities that the US military cannot oppose. In addition, UFOs may be interested in American nuclear facilities, air defense systems and other secret zones.

The meeting ended with a reminder from the parliamentarians that its main purpose was not to find out whether aliens actually existed but whether the US military was hiding something from them.

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