A real Alien: Romulus trailer is appeared in the network

A trailer for the fantastic movie Alien: Romulus has appeared in the network. Unlike many previous videos, this time it is quite official. Apparently, in August of this year, we will be shown what real horror in space is.

A shot from the trailer Alien: Romulus

New trailer of “Alien”

On March 20, 2024, a trailer for the fantastic film by Federico Alvarez Alien: Romulus appeared on YouTube. Unlike the video posted in January, this time it was released on the official account of the 20th Century company, so now there is no doubt that this is not the work of fans.

The trailer shows just what viewers expect from the movie: a ship flying through a distant and terrible space, cryocapsules stained with blood, semi-dark corridors and astronauts sneaking through them with weapons. It also showed the aliens: like larvae trying to grab a human by the face, and adults hunting people.

It is difficult to say what the plot of the film will be. However, we are traditionally waiting for a horror movie in space. It is quite possible that there will be nothing original there. The premiere is scheduled for August 16, 2024.

What is special about this movie

Alien: Romulus should become a new page in the xenomorph franchise. Once upon a time, more than 40 years ago, director Ridley Scott decided to make a fantastic film about a spaceship, on board of which an extraterrestrial killer creature gets. The film was not conceived as something great, but it turned out to be extremely popular.

It quickly became a cult film, thanks to its incredible decorations and the image of the alien. Many scenes from it have become cliches of the fantasy genre. In the next 20 years, it received three sequels.

However, by and large, the topic seemed exhausted. Toothy aliens no longer surprised anyone. In the 2000s, they tried to combine Alien with dubious success with another well-known franchise, Predator. Two films have been released about the confrontation of space creatures for whom people are victims.

In the 2010s, Ridley Scott decided to film the prequel Alien, which later transformed into an almost independent film Prometheus. Then, in 2017, the film got a sequel. Since then, science fiction fans have been wondering what will happen next. According to Scott, since 2019 he has been working on the third Prometheus film, and subsequently the title Alien: Romulus appeared. We will see what will actually happen there in August.

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