You can buy a watch with moon dust

Col&MacArthur has created a line of watches dedicated to past and future lunar missions. Some models differ in that there is a bit of lunar dust inside them that can be seen.

Watch with moon dust. Source:

Watch with moon dust

On October 4, Col&MacArthur presented its new collection of watches, which was named LUNAR1,622. It is dedicated to the past missions of the Apollo spacecraft and the upcoming flights to the Moon, which will be carried out as part of the Artemis program. 

Three models are already available to buyers, the price of which is 399, 599 and 999 dollars. The last two versions are interesting because inside their body, where the number 3 should be, there is a small sector filled with a beautiful gray substance. This is dust from a lunar meteorite found in West Africa in 2017.

The versions for USD 599 and USD 999 differ in mechanism and body material. The cheaper version uses a filling from the Japanese brand Miyota and a steel body, the more expensive one uses Swiss Sellita and a titanium body.

Moon dust is certified as real by the British company MSG Meteorites, which is licensed by the International Meteoritic Collectors Association (IMCA).

Watch design

However, it should not be assumed that the cheapest version, in which there is no material from the Moon, actually has no reference to our moon, except for the name. All three models are made in a single design, reminiscent of a man’s flight to the Moon.

In the place where moon dust is found in the more expensive versions, the cheaper one has an image of the boot print of a crew member of the Apollo spacecraft. The dial on all models displays a 3D visualization of the Moon with all seas and craters.

Around the dial is written the date of the Apollo 11 landing, the initials of Neil Armstrong and his words: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 

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