What remains of the Kakhovka Reservoir: a view from orbit

Satellite images have been published online showing the transformation of the Kakhovka Reservoir after the destruction of the hydroelectric dam. The images reveal that the water has nearly disappeared, and instead of a massive reservoir, a system of river channels and islands has formed.

На що перетворилося Каховське водосховище
Transformation of the Kakhovka Reservoir. Source: twitter.com/AmichaiStein1

Disappearance of the Kakhovka Reservoir

On the evening of June 20, photos of what remains of the Kakhovka Reservoir surfaced on Twitter. Two weeks ago, Russian savage “army” detonated the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, causing a rapid decline in water levels.

The current satellite images clearly show that the reservoir, essentially, no longer exists. A complex system of separate river channels and small lakes has formed instead. Sections of dry land now occupy the areas in between, where water used to be.

It is difficult to predict whether the water levels will continue to decrease. The hottest months of summer are approaching, and there are numerous populated areas surrounding the former reservoir. It is possible that these lands will experience even greater aridity in the coming months.

Каховське водосховище до катастрофи
Kakhovka Reservoir before the catastrophe. Source: twitter.com/AmichaiStein1

What was and what will be

Russian savages detonated the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station on the morning of June 6. They immediately blamed Ukraine for this act of terror. Western media outlets were initially uncertain about the true culprit, but eventually acknowledged the obvious.

During the first week following the explosion, catastrophic flooding occurred in many settlements south of the reservoir. It is known that at least several people lost their lives, and many had to be evacuated under Russian shelling. Currently, the water level in those areas has decreased.

The subsequent consequences of the hydroelectric power station’s detonation and the devastation of the reservoir are viewed differently by different observers. Environmentalists note that the ecosystem that developed within the reservoir over the past few decades has been completely destroyed. Foreign military experts suggest that Ukrainian forces have gained new frontlines for advancing.

Some rejoice at the reemergence of the historical locality called “Great Meadow” on the land that has emerged from beneath the water. Simultaneously, concerns are growing that the agricultural industry in southern Ukraine, which relied on irrigating the land with water from the reservoir, may cease to exist.

Source: twitter.com.