“We want to hear from you”: Pentagon urges US officials to talk about UFOs

The Pentagon division responsible for investigating unidentified flying objects (UFOs) decided to collect first-hand information from former and current government officials about this unexplained phenomenon. This became known thanks to an announcement made public by Vice, which referred to the official press release of the US Department of Defense.

The Pentagon is looking for ways to explain the mystery of the UFO phenomenon. Image: Science Alert

The director of this division, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, announced the launch of a new website that would contribute to obtaining information about UFOs since 1945. In other words, everyone who had the opportunity to observe such objects or was aware of government projects related to this topic would have the opportunity to share information through this website.

Kirkpatrick stressed the importance of this step and urged anyone who felt they had valuable information about the U.S. government’s UFO-related activities to provide it through this secure reporting mechanism, without fear of criticism or breaking a promise to remain silent. He said, “We want to hear from you.”

As part of this initiative, any government employee who has information about secret programs or activities of the US government can report UFOs to the newly created Pentagon division for the study of anomalous phenomena. It is important to note that all information provided will be treated as anonymous and confidential.

After receiving such reports, they will become the basis for investigating the history of possible US government programs related to this phenomenon. The Pentagon intends to submit a final report on these investigations to Congress by June 2024.

The Defense Ministry is also exploring the possibility of involving the public in UFO reports at the third stage of the investigation. This step was made possible by the creation of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in July 2022 by the administration of President Biden. AARO’s mission is to detect and identify unidentified space objects that may pose a threat to flight safety and national security.

Attempts to investigate UFO-related events have become more intense after the publication in 2021 of a declassified Pentagon report discussing military research on alien activity. This information led to the involvement of more than 400 pilots of the US Navy, who shared their observations of unidentified flying objects. The launch of the new website is intended to increase the volume of such first-hand evidence and promote understanding of the UFO phenomenon.

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