NASA appoints UFO chief to investigate mysterious phenomenon

On September 14, the NASA Space Agency announced the historic appointment of its first director for the study of the UFO phenomenon. This news became the object of universal interest and controversy, causing a wave of discussions around the world. NASA noted that this appointment was an important step in the study of incomprehensible anomalous phenomena that remained mysterious and unsolved.

The UFO phenomenon remains an unsolved mystery, but they are not “alien spacecraft”. Photo: Unsplash

The report published by the space agency contains information on the results of an annual independent UFO study. The document consists of 33 pages and describes important aspects of this mysterious phenomenon. NASA admits that it does not have sufficient evidence regarding the existence of alien spacecraft, but emphasizes the need for further research. 

NASA administrator, Bill Nelson, expressed his attitude to this situation: “The main conclusion of the study is that we still have a lot to learn”. He admitted that, despite years of observations and conversations about UFOs, they still remain unknown objects.

NASA plans to change the way it studies and discusses this phenomenon: moving from sensational headlines to a scientific approach. This indicates the ripeness and scientific seriousness of the agency in considering UFOs.

Now one of the biggest questions facing NASA is to identify the essence of these incomprehensible objects and solve the mystery of their origin. The new UFO Research Director will be responsible for this task and will manage centralized communications, resources and data analysis. An important part of this process is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify rare unexplained phenomena in the Earth’s sky, including UFOs.

Head of NASA, Bill Nelson. Photo: NASA

A study conducted by the space agency last year cost less than USD 100,000. Nevertheless, this discovery opens the way to further research and possible revelation of mysterious phenomena that still remain beyond our understanding.

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According to The Guardian

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