Unclassified materials about UFOs

As every conspiracy theorist knows, governments around the world and especially the United States hide from us the truth about unidentified flying objects that are UFOs. However, while everyone is looking for classified materials, we have prepared for you a number of completely unclassified facts about these phenomena, about which you might not have known anything until now.

In this picture you see a typical UFO

1. Who coined this term?

The term “UFOs” means “unidentified flying objects”. This term means absolutely everything that flies, but at the same time it is not possible to understand what this is right away. Then such an object may turn out to be a secret plane, a bird, an enemy probe, a plastic package, a cloud, or something completely mysterious. But the term does not mean any mystical or extra-planetary origin of the object.

The term “UFO” was first used in 1951 by Edward James Ruppelt. He was an engineer and an officer of the American Air Force and, among other things, participated in the Blue Book program, the purpose of which was to figure out what it was flying in the American sky.

2. When did people first observe UFOs?

However, people saw strange objects in the sky long before Ruppelt first used the term “UFO”. Reports about them can be found even in medieval chronicles. However, until the 20th century, these were isolated cases that no one paid much attention to. They became massive during the Second World War. 

But even then the attention to them was limited. The real hysteria began only in 1947, when the pilot of a private plane, Kenneth Arnold, reported that he saw 9 objects similar in shape to sickles, which made strange movements in flight, like saucers that were thrown along the surface of the water. So they were bouncing.

However, the journalists misunderstood Arnold and thought that the objects were shaped like saucers. So the term “flying saucer” got into the media, and since then most UFOs that people see have this shape.

3. Do UFOs have any explanation?

Every year people see hundreds and thousands of unidentified flying objects in the sky. However, over time, quite earthly explanations are found for the absolute majority of them. Astronomical and atmospheric phenomena account for a large share. Quite a few UFOs also turn out to be airplanes, helicopters, balloons and drones.

Usually 5-10 percent of the total number of observations remains, for which there is no explanation. However, this does not always mean that something unnatural happened in these cases. Often, there is simply not enough data about what exactly happened to identify an object.

4. What is Area 51?

In the state of Nevada there is an object that is officially called Homey Airport, but most people know it by the name “Area 51”. Allegedly, this is how it is named in one of the documents from the Vietnam War.

From 1955 to the present day, Homey Airport has been a top secret facility of the American Air Force. And, according to popular conspiracy theories, it is here that the wreckage of shot-down UFOs, or even the bodies of aliens, are stored. 

However, there is a completely earthly reason for the secrecy of this place. It was here that the high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft U-2 and SR-71 and the F-117 stealth aircraft were tested

5. Why did UFOs disappear from American secret documents?

It is impossible to find the term “UFO” in modern documents of the American military. But this does not mean that they have lost interest in them or completely classify everything. On the contrary, right now these studies have the most global character in recent decades and are as open as the situation allows.

The Pentagon has officially created an entire AARO department, which collects information about all the incomprehensible things that happen in the sky, studies them and even issues reports that are partially open. Why they cannot be fully discovered became clear in 2023, when part of the “unidentified aerial phenomena”, as UFOs are now called, turned out to be Chinese unmanned balloons that were studying something in the United States with the help of “scientific” equipment.

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