Vortices can exist in black holes

Vortex-like structures made of Bose-Einstein condensate can exist in black holes. Therefore, instead of Hawking radiation, these objects can have strong magnetic fields. 

Vortex structures can exist on black holes.

Vortices on black holes

Scientists from Ludwig Maximilian University and the Max Planck Institute of Physics have studied rapidly rotating black holes. Previously, scientists considered such objects with extreme rotation speeds to be rare, but now they are sure that this is most of the singularities in the Universe.

Physicists have paid attention to how the Bose-Einstein condensate behaves in the conditions of a rotating black hole. This is the state of matter when bosons are in conditions that are only a thousandths of a degree above absolute zero. At the same time, unusual quantum phenomena are observed.

The new model shows that on the surface of black holes that rotate extremely fast, the Bose-Einstein condensate can form vortex-like structures. Moreover, the bosons included in its composition are quite unusual. These are gravitons, particles that carry the gravitational interaction.

No Hawking radiation

According to scientists, a rotating black hole can be considered as a gravitonic Bose-Einstein condensate with vortices. At the same time, in this case, it will not have Hawking radiation. This well explains the apparent absence of this phenomenon in rapidly rotating black holes.

But the movement of charges inside the Bose-Einstein condensate can form vortices of the calibration field, which is responsible for the formation of new particles. As a result, new types of dark matter may be born, which scientists hope to see. 

The presence of vortex structures provided for by the new theory can lead to the appearance of new magnetic fields. They have well explained many phenomena that are actually observed near supermassive black holes and affect events on a galactic scale.

According to phys.org

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