Video of the day: Detailed look at the Martian crater

The presented animation was compiled by the famous astro enthusiast Sean Doran from the images taken by the MRO apparatus. It demonstrates a flight over one of the craters of the Red Planet in 8K format.

The shock formation photographed by MRO does not have its own name yet. It is located on the territory of the southern highland region of the planet, its diameter is about 1.8 km. The video allows us to examine in detail the numerous outflows of sedimentary deposits on the slopes of the crater. Sand dunes can be seen at the very bottom of the funnel. Their shape indicates the prevailing wind direction in this region.

The original photos of the unnamed crater were taken using a HiRISE camera capable of capturing images of the Martian surface with a resolution of up to 25 cm/pixel. It is worth recalling that this tool takes pictures in expanded colors, covering both the visible and near infrared range. Therefore, the colors in the HiRISE photos do not correspond to what the human eye would see.

Thanks to the high resolution of the HiRISE camera, MRO can photograph vehicles operating on the surface of the Red Planet. In recent months, it has received images of the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter drone, a Chinese rover, as well as the Insight probe covered with dust.