US Senate orders publication of some classified documents on UFOs

The new law on the military budget for 2024, which has just been passed by the US Congress, requires the security agencies to make public at least some of the materials on UFOs, or as they are now called UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena). However, the way this clause looks is not entirely satisfactory to the activists who fought for it.

Конгрес США дозволив публікувати матеріали про НЛО
The U.S. Congress has authorized the publication of UFO materials. Source: Getty Images/Phil Roeder

The US military will publish evidence of the existence of UFOs

The U.S. Congress has ordered the country’s military to publish some of the available materials on UFO sightings. This requirement is contained in one of the articles of the new defense budget for 2024. According to it, the U.S. National Archives is charged with collecting and publishing data from military and special services related to anomalous phenomena and possible traces of extraterrestrial intelligence.

However, this will not apply to all documents, photos, and videos, but only to those made more than 25 years ago. In addition, the US President has the right to indicate that some of them should remain secret. On the other hand, various agencies were allowed to release more recent evidence of the existence of UFOs — renamed UAPs since recently— if they believe that such actions do not contradict the interests of national security.

At the same time, the documents contain obvious confusion and lack of clarity in terms. Everything is relatively clear with the NAPs themselves — they include everything unexplained that can be seen not only in the air, but also in space and underwater.

But as for “traces of extraterrestrial intelligence” everything is not so clear. Nowhere is it specified what this term means. Therefore, it remains unclear what exactly should be declassified. The same applies to “technologies of unknown origin”.

The Schumer-Round amendment

In general, this clause in the US budget law appeared thanks to an initiative called the Schumer-Round Amendment. It was introduced for discussion five months ago and has been discussed by lawmakers since then.

However, from the very beginning, the Schumer-Round Amendment envisioned much more decisive action to make the available documents on aliens public. Congress passed it in a very watered-down form, and this caused considerable dissatisfaction on the part of activists.

The latter expressed their fears that the lobby of aircraft corporations was behind the incomplete adoption of their proposals. Allegedly, they have some secret developments based on alien technologies and therefore are not interested in openness of information.

However, sources inside Congress have already refuted these claims, saying that there was no resistance from these circles at all. The military, on the other hand, has indeed done and is doing everything it can to disclose fewer of its UFO documents.

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