The first low-alcohol bar in zero gravity will be created in the USA

The Truly brand, which specializes in the production of a low-alcohol hard-seltzer drink, is going to organize the world’s first bar that will work in zero gravity. For this, they rented one of the planes that are used for training astronauts.

The world’s first bar in zero gravity. Source:

Hard seltzer from Truly

The Truly brand, which produces low-alcohol drinks in aluminum cans, has decided to organize the world’s first bar that will work in zero gravity. In it, people can try a variety of hard seltzer flavors.

More precisely, only five loyal fans of this company’s drinks will be lucky. In fact, the bar is an advertising campaign dedicated to the company’s new product called Lightly Fantastic. It is among its consumers that the opportunity to visit the most unusual bar on Earth will be played.

Hard seltzer is a drink created on the basis of mineral soda and alcohol. Truly is not its only manufacturer. But it was they who decided that its consumers should be made to feel the real lightness of its drinking.

Bar in zero gravity

Of course, in order to have a drink from a can, no one will send anyone. Truly has just rented an airplane that is used by NASA for training astronauts and has set up a bar in it. More precisely, it is G-Force One, an upgraded Boeing 727 owned by Zero-G Corp.

Weightlessness occurs only for a few minutes, several times during the flight. To do this, the aircraft rises to the maximum possible height, after which it flies down a parabolic trajectory. At this moment, visitors to an unusual bar will be able to feel how the body perceives soda with alcohol in such unusual conditions.

In order to get into this bar together with the guests, supporters of Truly drinks need to visit their website by July 24 and write a message why it is so easy to drink them. Five winners will be chosen from them.

They will make their flight to the bar on August 28 with the people they invite. Also, all winners will be paid for two days of stay in the Truly innovation house.

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