Zero-G company offers private concerts in zero gravity

The American company Zero-G has been providing everyone with the opportunity to experience weightlessness on board the aircraft since 1993. Now it offers to arrange private concerts. The first three of them should be completed by the end of 2023.

Zero-G weightlessness. Source: Zero-G

Zero-G weightlessness

Soon everyone will be able to listen to a concert of live musicians while staying with them in zero gravity. At least, this opportunity is offered to both performers and their potential listeners by Zero-G, which has been moving passengers on jet planes since 1993, creating conditions for them similar to those experienced by astronauts in space. 

Since 2004, the company has been using a specially equipped Boeing 727-200 aircraft called G-Force One for this purpose. Its flight lasts about 100 minutes, during which it performs 15 parabolas. When descending from each of them, in fact, it is a controlled fall, and the effect of weightlessness is observed, which lasts about 30 seconds. 

All this creates significant stresses on the aircraft body. To counter them, the aircraft was modified in accordance with the recommendations of the US Federal Aviation Administration. Since that time, a lot of different people from TV presenter Martha Stewart to astrophysicist Stephen Hawking have managed to make sure that it is fun and safe.

Concerts in microgravity

Now Zero-G offers not only to feel weightlessness, but also to do it with musical accompaniment. At the same time, the offer is aimed not only at potential listeners, but also at the musicians. For the last, participation in such a flight is offered as a way to expand their creative horizons.

The company’s management has already made such proposals to leading labels and artists and received positive feedback. It is expected that 3-4 songs will be performed during one flight, and musicians will play both during the ascent and in weightlessness.

Zero-G wants to start by offering concerts in zero gravity to DJs, rappers and pop artists, that is, to everyone who needs their performances of unique bright special effects. They will have a small audience, because at the same time the aircraft can take on board only 28 passengers.

However, in this case, the quantity is justified by the quality, because only the most loyal fans and celebrities will take advantage of the opportunity to listen to a unique concert. It is expected that the first three performances in zero gravity will take place in 2023.

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